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podcast branding

The Motherhood Village Project began with Brand Identity Design for Podcasting. The goal was the bring the design into 2022, making it modern, feminine and relatable to mothers. By sticking with bold primary colors and variations we were able to achieve a playful, supportive feeling brand. Using a modern san-serif font was important for retaining expert status and trust.

Within a couple months of the Podcast Brand Identity project being completed, Nicole reached back out about hosting her first annual Summit. With this she needed an Event Sales Page, Social Media Content Creation and Print collateral; This project was completed in Collaboration with MSB LLC. The Event was a success and will be hosted again in 2023 for the Second Annual Motherhood Village Summit.

The Project

We prefer a collaborative and very open minded process and communication that allows us to create more than just a brand. We create deep and meaningful connections that are here to last.

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