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Geanette is a business services consultant, that found there is a big need to alleviate “burn out” among entrepreneurs. When it comes to running a business, owners are often bogged down with the daily admin, streamlining and managing staff while still trying to create revenue growth opportunities. That’s where The Good Stuff Consulting comes in, if you’re experiencing “burn-out” and have a strong desire to grow your business allow Geanette to do the “work” for you. Leaving space for you to enjoy "The Good Stuff" in your business.

This brand needed to capture that relaxed feeling and the trust aspect of being able to hand over parts of their businesses. We; this project was completed in Collaboration with MSB LLC did just that by designing a minimal brand and creating feelings of grounded and comfort. From the color palette to the typography style and the sophisticated modern vibes. This brand captures the heart of their audience and builds a know, like, trust ability.

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We prefer a collaborative and very open minded process and communication that allows us to create more than just a brand. We create deep and meaningful connections that are here to last.

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